Lesson Programs

Lesson Programs and Opportunities


Below are descriptions of the teaching programs that are offered.

In my studio students receive individual piano instruction and also have the opportunity to work independently on various music computer programs.  These lessons are tailored to each student based on their age, skill level, and musical interests.

Usually, 2 students share an hour – while one is studying at the piano, the other is working independently on the computer for 15-30 minutes.   The computer assisted instruction includes listening activities and sight-reading (young students may need the assistance of a parent).  45 – 60 minute lessons are also available.

Lessons our enhanced by a partnership with Joytunes Piano Maestro.  Every students has the opporunity to use the Piano Maestro App in the studio and at home.   Other programs include MusicAce, Midisaurus and Alfred’s Theory Essentials.  

Students have the opportunity to play in several events during the school year.  As a member of GMMTA (Greater Marietta Music Teachers’ Association) students participate in events sponsored by GMMTA.  These events include a fall Solo Festival sponsored by GMMTA.  Students of all ages and levels play two contrasting pieces.  A judge listens and gives helpful and encouraging comments to each participating student.  A student favorite is the Pianothon (students play at Town Center Mall during the holiday season}. ‘Auditions’ is a competitive event which is available for those who are interested.  Also, the Music Development Program (Royal Conservatory Assessments) is available to those who are interested. In the Spring of 2019, students will have the opportunity to play in the Spring Fling (sponsored by GMMTA).